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Extras - Leon Grey talks about Blowflies coming soon
Episode 1 - The Dangers of Baking
Episode 2 - Spanish Lovers and Magical Weight Loss
Episode 3 - Love, Squelch and Mashed Potato
Episode 4 - Uncle
Episode 5 - Personal Space

Episode 5 - Personal Space

Abbey reveals a special technique she uses to never get stressed and steals Nicole's lunch. Simon discovers that his chair height has been tampered with rendering him unable to work. Nicole stands up for strangers only to be cornered into running a story on a complete stranger to prove her point. Mike tries to help Simon get his chair height back only to be accused of sinister motives. Guest starring Steven Hooton.

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Blowflies Blog Entry - Online Comedy

Episode 5 Out Now

Blowflies - an online comedy. If you were ever 5 years old and lost your pencil to that bully Clyde this is your episode.

Nicole struggles to convince the staff at NTG Today that people are important, that they care and that they have hearts. After the laughter dies down, Nicole is determined to prove everyone wrong and stand up for humanity. Meanwhile Mike loses his lucky favorite...

Blowflies Blog Entry - Online Comedy

Episode 4 Out Now

Blowflies - an online comedy. Finally a show that takes grown men in panda costumes seriously.

Terrible viewing figures at NTG Today result in Nicole receiving the rubber tipped end of the Sack Stick. Nicole is forced to see her uncle that she hasn't seen in 10 years. She discovers her uncle isn't quite how she imagined him as she watches him getting assaulted by four panda bears. Guest...

Blowflies Blog Entry - Online Comedy

Episode 3 Out Now

Blowflies - an online comedy. Like odd with intellect? Try watching Blowflies!

Abbey sculpts Nicole's dinner into an original piece of art, Nicole puts an ingenious plan into motion for her own news story behind Boss' back. Dilly gets excited about boiled, squashed and salted potato. Simon has important pizza meeting scheduled so agrees to help Nicole so he can catch up. Nicole discovers...

Blowflies Blog Entry - Online Comedy

Episode 2 Out Now

Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Fox News - get you fuming? Then you'll love Blowflies! Find out how they come up with their news stories in this brand new comedy.

Boss gets discovered with her own dirty little secret as she tries to get one up on Nicole. Will Nicole take revenge?

Have a chuckle with Nicole as she tries to make a difference in a world that is full of spin and...

Blowflies Blog Entry - Online Comedy

Episode 1 Out Now

After a year in production Blowflies episode 1 is now available for your viewing pleasure!

Discover the world of NTG Today, a current affairs show in similar vain to Today Tonight except for one tiny crucial difference - they don't have any stories.

Watch as Nicole tries to make a difference in a world full of spin and nonsense. Will she make a difference, or will it all come...

Blowflies Blog Entry - Online Comedy

Blowflies online comedy series gets it's own little home on the web

Blowflies the online comedy about what goes on behind the scenes of a Current Affairs news show has now launched a new website Over the coming weeks each of six episodes will be released online and will be free to view.